Wednesday, May 22nd 2024

Nigeria Gets UN Approval For New Maritime Territory ‘5 Times The Size Of Lagos’

Nigeria Gets UN Approval For New Maritime Territory ‘5 Times The Size Of Lagos’
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In simpler terms, Nigeria can either finalize the current approval with the UN, securing the newly gained territory within a year, or gather more data to support a revised submission, which could further extend the shelf and take about four years. Regardless of the chosen path, Nigeria will maintain the newly approved area.

Professor Awosika highlighted the meticulous scientific research that underpinned Nigeria’s successful submission. “The approval came after years of detailed studies in geophysics, geology, and geography, coupled with strategic diplomatic efforts,” he said. He also noted the importance of maintaining confidentiality regarding the sensitive data acquired during the surveys to protect Nigeria’s economic interests.

President Tinubu expressed his gratitude to the committee for their hard work and dedication.

“This is a significant achievement for Nigeria. We have gained additional territory without conflict, showcasing our commitment to peaceful and strategic expansion,” the President remarked. He also mentioned discussions with former President Muhammadu Buhari and international counterparts, including Brazil’s President Lula, emphasizing the importance of collaboration within economic and maritime boundaries.

The President commended the team for their expertise and commitment to advancing Nigeria’s interests. “I commend the team, and we must leverage this achievement to further explore opportunities in geography, hydrography, and marine life. Nigeria is grateful for your efforts,” he stated.

Ambassador Hassan Tukur, Chairman of the HPPC; Chief of Staff to the President, Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila; and the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola, were also present at the meeting.


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