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 *SLIDING* *TACKLES* has been writing and shouting about how a Group of meddlesome Interlopers calling themselves Chairmen of State Football Associations (State FAs) for the past 18 whopping years traversing the NFF Boards of Sani Lulu Abdulahi, Aminu Maigari, Amaju Pinnick and the current lbrahim Gusau. Craftily used an obnoxious undemocratic, discriminatory and dictatorial unlawful Amendment of the Governing Football Statutes of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to execute a dastard coup d'etat on Nigeria Football. The unpatriotic Nigerian Football daredevil Coupists who are the Chairmen of the State FAs, arbitrarily Amended the NFF Statutes 2010 outside the provisions of the Statutes. And dictatorially Allocated a whopping 37 Delegates/Votes to the State FAs in the Highest Decision making body of the NFF - THE NFF GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

This fraudulent unilateral and baseless Award to the State FAs who do not either represent any Active Constituency in Nigeria Football or contribute anything Financially to the Upkeep of our Football lndustry. Gave the Desperate Coupists State FAs headed by their Chairmen. An overriding Clear Majority Votes in the Decision making process of the NFF which the trespassing lnvaders (State FA Chairmen) arrogantly used to enthrone themselves as Members of the NFF Executive Committee also called the NFF Board. A Position that placed them (State FA Chairmen) in the Leadership and Administrative Position of our Football.

 *SLIDING* *TACKLES* had in earlier Articles on this sordid and highly condemnable unpatriotic coup of the State FAs led by their Chairmen. Exposed that the grossly Unholy Amendment totally excluded the Real Owners/Stakeholders of the Nigeria Football lndustry i.e. the Club Owners; the Players; Coaches; Referees; and the Supporters/Fans from the Decision making process of the NFF via the GENERAL ASSEMBLY. And consequently by necessary implications, from the NFF Board which oversees and directs the Affairs of our Football.

Yes, the Real Owners of Nigeria Football who are also called the Stakeholders are the Members of the NFF listed above who are the Active Participants in our Football lndustry. And are the Segment that represent the Constituencies of our Football and invest huge Financial Contributions to the Development of our Football lndustry. Were forcefully chased away from the NFF with the unilateral NFF Statutes Amendment outside the provisions of the Statutes which gave the Real Owners of Nigeria Football, just One Delegate/Vote each in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Juxtapose this against the whopping 37 Delegates/Votes allocated to the non Contributory State FA Chairmen. *SLIDING* *TACKLES* is fully concerned and aware that a lot of Football loving Nigerians do not understand what is happening or going on? This is the reason why this particular Article is devoted to the Composition of the NFF Board, and not the Decision making GENERAL ASSEMBLY to Torchlight and expose what the State FA Chairmen are doing in our NFF.


1. That the NFF Board under *Article* *33(1)* of the *NFF* *Statutes* on " *COMPOSITION* ", the NFF Board is composed of *15* *Members*(2 Each from the 6 geo-political  zones of Nigeria)?

2. That the 15 NFF Board Members under Article 33 (1) include - the President; Vice President; Chairmen of the 4 Major Leagues (Nigeria Premier League; Nigeria National League; Nigeria Amateur League; and Nigeria Women League); 8 Ordinary Members; and just One Ordinary Member from the State FAs?

3. That the Club Owners who operate the 4 Major Leagues and who are also Major Stakeholders additionally entitled to other NFF Board Membership Positions like the President, Vice President and the 8 Ordinary Members. Have just ONLY ONE CLUB OWNER in the Entire 15 MEMBER NFF BOARD?

4. That the Other Real Owners/Stakeholders in the Nigeria Football lndustry (the Players, Coaches, Referees and Supporters/Fans) who represent the Active Constituencies of our Football and make huge Financial Contributions to the lndustry. Don't have EVEN ONE SINGLE MEMBER on the 15 MEMBER NFF BOARD?

5. That instead, the non productive State FAs led by their Coupists FA Chairmen who do not represent any Football Constituency and make No Financial input to our Football Business. Have an unbelievable 14 MEMBERS ON THE NFF BOARD including the PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT?

6. That even the 4 NFF BOARD MEMBER SEATS allocated to the Club Owners through their 4 MAJOR LEAGUES SEATS. Were also forcefully usurped by the ruthless Non-Stakeholding State FAs Chairmen who used their Majority Upper hand in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY to estoppe the Club Owners from ELECTING the Boards of their 4 Major Leagues?

7. That the Authority and Power of the Club Owners to ELECT their League Boards is provided for clearly in *Article* *13* *(b)* of the *NFF* *Statutes* on "*MEMBERS* *OBLIGATIONS* ". But the marauding lnvaders (State FAs Chairmen) brutally and brazenly took over this Statutory duty of the Club Owners using again, the Majority Delegates/Votes dictatorially alloted to them in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY by the obnoxious Amendment. As we speak, it's the State FA dominated NFF Board that now appoints the Chairmen and Boards of the 4 Major Leagues which automatically transmutes the Appointed League Boards Chairmen to NFF Board Members.

8. That with the 14 Board Member Seats of the NFF brashly stolen in broad daylight by the thieving State FA Chairmen using their fraudulent Elevation in the NFF GENERAL ASSEMBLY powered by the undemocratic Amendment. The State FAs who do not contribute anything to our Football lndustry have been totally incharge and Directing the affairs of our Football since 2006?


1. In the 2006 NFF Sani Lulu Abdulahi Board, ONLY ONE CLUB OWNER was on Board. And the Club Owner was Mr. Dominic lorfa (Chairman of Lobi Stars of Makurdi).

2. In the 2010 NFF Aminu Maigari Board,  ONLY ONE CLUB OWNER was on the Board. And that Club Owner was Mr. Felix Anyansi Agwu (Chairman of Enyimba FC of Aba).

3. In the 2014 & 2018 NFF Amaju Pinnick Board, ONLY ONE CLUB OWNER was on the Board. And that Club Owner was same Mr. Felix Anyansi Agwu (Chairman of Enyimba FC of Aba).

4. In the current NFF Ibrahim Gusau Board, ONLY ONE CLUB OWNER is on Board. And that Club Owner is Hon. Nse Essien (Proprietor of FC One Rockets of Uyo).


1. Why should our NFF Board established under the NFF Statutes to manage and direct our Football, be in this unsavory situation reeking of utter Undemocratic lawlessness?

2. Why should the Affairs of our Football be left in the Unholy hands of the State FAs and their Chairmen who are not Real Owners or Stakeholders of our Football lndustry. And Contribute nothing to the lndustry?

3. Why should our Football be left in the unscrupulous hands of the State FAs and their desperate Chairmen who do not represent any Football Constituency?

4. Why should Nigerian Football be overseen by desperate interloping Trespassers whose only interest do not lie in the genuine Development of our Football?

5. Why should our dear Nigeria Football be left in the custody of Coup plotters whose only objective and mission is to Qualify for lnternational Competitions without Adequate Preparations, just only to collect Estacodes? 

6. Why should we allow our darling Football lndustry to be managed by Non Contributory people who only come in to loot dry our Football Treasury? 

7. Why should the Football Stakeholders stand hands akimbo while the Real Owners/Stakeholders of Nigeria Football are chased away by an ignominious greedy Cabal who has no Business with our Football?

8. Why should we allow State FAs Chairmen who are not Financial Members of the NFF to even have ONE Delegate/Votes in the NFF GENERAL ASSEMBLY, talkless of having a Majority 37 Delegates/Votes? In every Association, Only Financial Members are entitled to VOTING RIGHTS.

 *SLIDING* *TACKLES* honestly think that this Anomaly apart from being resolvable through the Law Courts as is being done now with the initiation of the Court Action by the Aggreived Stakeholders of the grossly Marginalized Other Members of the NFF. *SLIDING* *TACKLES* is strongly convinced that this Unwarranted and Unacceptable very ugly situation can best be resolved expeditiously through Mr. President, SACKING the current illegally constituted NFF Board. Just like the Spainish President did some weeks ago by issuing a "Straight RED CARD" to the Board of the Spainish Football Federation for even a much lesser misdemeanor than our own NFF Board. *SLIDING* *TACKLES* shall do All in it's Power to reach our dear Mr. President on this ugly and arrogant Trespass and Bullying by the State FAs Chairmen on our Football.


 *Barrister* lyke *lgbokwe* ( *Torchlight* *Of* *Nigeria* *Football* )

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