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Why Chivita Smart Malt Drink is becoming kiddies' favourite

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Nigerian mothers are fast discovering that  their children's idea of a great day in school, picnics, excursion or family day outings is to have a lunchbox complemented with a pack of the highly nutritious Chivita Smart Malt Drink.

Ever on the look out for products that offer the best nutritional value for work and for play, forward-thinking mums have long decided that Chivita Smart Malt Drink meets the criteria of the quintessential malt drink their children need to function mentally and physically.

Trust mothers to instinctively know what suits their children best. A beverage like Chivita Smart Malt Drink that is loaded with eight vital vitamins -- A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and E -- into a single 125ml aseptic pack is sure to come across as irresistible for a mother who expects optimum performance for their growing kids.

So, it is certainly not unusual to see mums sneaking packs of the nutritious Chivita Smart Malt Drink into their children's lunchboxes to give them that extra burst of energy to learn and to play, while also enjoying it's great taste.

For children who are always hyper-active, and known to have a short attention span, Chivita Smart Malt Drink easily comes in handy, re-invigorating and rehydrating to help them retain their level of concentration while learning in class or doing physical exertions on the playground.

Mrs Juliet Abidoye is a good example of a mother who has discovered the benefits of Chivita Smart Malt Drink since she started buying it for her two kids 10 months ago.

"My love for Chivita products was what naturally moved me to try out the Chivita Smart Malt Drink when I first saw it in our neighbourhood store in 2022," she says.

"Ever since, I have not stopped buying it for my kids because it met my requirements of what a less-expensive malt drink should be.

"Besides, unlike other similar products in it's class, there are no side effects on my children," she added.

For 10-year old Felix Ekwunife of the Airforce Primary School, Ikeja, Lagos, the taste is what has kept him desiring more of Chivita Smart Malt Drink since his mother introduced it to him some months ago.

"I like the taste of Chivita Smart Malt Drink.

"Since she has been including it in my lunchbox to school, I have reduced my intake of tea and bread in the mornings," he says.

The views of Mrs Abidoye and the young Felix, to a large extent, is likely to be reproduced by other consumers all across the country, if interviewed.

That says a lot for a product just clocking one year since it's triumphant entry into the market in February 2022.

Of course, CHI Limited, manufacturers of the product are pleased with the progress it's newest addition to the Nigerian market has made in just one year of it's official launch.

According to the company's Marketing Director, Toyin Nnodi, the success of the Chivita Smart Malt Drink is testimony of it's avowed commitment to create innovative products that adds value to the lives of their customers.

In her opinion, the Chivita Smart Malt Drink will not be any different in terms of maintaining the high standards that have made it's other products like 'Chivita 100%', 'Chivita Active', and 'Tasty Chi Exotic',  household names.

"We are naturally pleased to know that the Chivita Smart Malt Drink, our latest product in the market is bringing value to the lives of those who consume it, particularly our young ones, and the young at heart.

"The malt drink was designed as an energy booster and a stamina giver. We are happy that it has so far satisfied that particular requirement with our children who, because of their hyper-active nature, are always in need of replenishments after endless bouts of mental and physical activities at home and school.

"We at CHI Limited will continue to maintain the high standards that has made the Chivita Smart Malt Drink so acceptable while ensuring that our children are not denied of  their favourite drink for a healthy life at work and at play," she says.  

Chivita Smart Malt Drink is available in stores and retails nationwide at an affordable price of N80.


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